Sugar Effect Nail Design Idea Perfect for Your Big Day

Tying the knot with a loved one is one of the happiest days in a woman’s life and it involves a lot of preparation. From the venue, guest list, flowers, dress and a lot of other things that’s on the bride’s to-do list that a bride sometimes forget that her nails should be a priority too. All eyes will be on the bride’s hands when the groom put on the ring and it should be part of the list too.

Sugar Effect Nail

While wedding preparation can be really busy, we also want brides to look their best on their wedding day. Wedding day is everything that is glamour and sweet and what better way to show how happy your heart is on your special day than wearing a glamorous nail art. The list given below would seriously inspire you with some stunning sugar-effect nail art ideas that you can wear on your wedding day.

Rainbow Sugar-Effect on Matte Base Coat

We are used to seeing brides wearing French manicure on their wedding day and while this is the safest nail art design that will not go wrong, you will also see a lot of people wearing the same nail art. From the bridesmaid to one of the guest or even the girl serving drinks and as a bride, you sure want to stand out on your special day. If you want to really stand out in your big day, you can try go for this rainbow sugar-effect. It is a combination of classy and edgy but not too edgy. This nail design uses nail dipping powder thus making sure that your manicure will last longer. This is ideal because you can have your nail done even few weeks before the big day without worrying about it chipping or peeling off because it is made to last longer. The use of nail dipping powder in this nail design will guarantee that retouching your nail is out of the picture, because you literally don’t have to.

Sugar Pattern Design on Ombre Dip Nails

If you think that black matte base coat is a bit bold, you can also go for an ombre effect. Ombre themes seem to have a moment right now, it can be seen all over Instagram and many women are sporting it on several occasions including their wedding day. Your wedding day is the only day in your life where you will shine the brightest so might as well put on a nail art that will wow everyone. Like this nail design featuring tones of orange and black also having some sugar-effect themes made of colorful tones of pink and purple and overall appealing designs. The choices for your wedding manicures are endless, from classic white and pink, to nudes and bolder hues. You can be the traditional bride or the edgy one, the choice is yours to make just always remember that your nails are an important part of your wedding too!