Best DIY Dip Powder Nail Kits

Unless if you have just woken up from centuries of hibernation, it is very likely that you have heard, or read about dip powder nails. Have you come across OPI dip powders, SNS dip nails, or anything related to dip powders, but you did not fully comprehend what they are all about? Dip powder manicures are like the well-staged ancient philanthropic ideas stirring extreme changes into the world of beauty. They are wildly taking over from the ancient acrylics and gels by restoring the lost glory of manicures. They use pigmented powders to coat nail introducing an era of classy, perfect looking and long-lasting manicures that not only saves money but also takes minimal time to apply and remove.

Dip Well Dipping Nail Starter Kit (Best for Pros)

This is the avenue to a perfect DIY manicure at home. It contains everything needed to satisfy your last for a world-class look. Besides, it is vegan friendly, and its formula does not use the nail and skin-damaging chemicals. Even so, its adhesive component ensures that the manicure transforms you into a princess for up to 6 weeks without chipping or cracking. It is said that every quality thing takes time to prepare but this manicure goes against it all. It parsimoniously welcomes the transformative epoch of beauty by taking surprisingly less time to apply complemented by just 15 minutes of removal time. The kit contains a brush softener, a sealer, activator, base, and bond. Also, the dipping powders in the kit may vary depending on the buyers’ choice. You are assured of a sheer pink dipping powder, a French white dipping powder, a finishing powder, and a base powder. Other components like cuticle pusher, buffer, and file enhances the professional touch.

Color Club Serendipity Dip Powder Classic Starter Kit (Best for Classic Colors)

If you have a taste for classics, this kit is for you. It contains a buffer, brush cleaner, activator, bonding gloss, and three seemingly unending dip powder colors including Feverish, Regatta Red, New-Trial, bold red, and light pink. Also, it is formulated using gentle products that extol your nails with a unique look. Many of its users confess that it is one of the easiest to use dip powder kits in the market.

Nicole Diary Dipping Nail Powder Kit (Best for Glitter)

Even the glitter enthusiasts are well taken care of. The kit might not contain the activator, base, and topcoat but the six glitter colors ensure a perfect finish. You are required to be equipped with the basic components before going for this kit especially if a layer of glams and glitz on your nails satiate your beauty desires.

MEFA Dip Powder Nail Kit (Best for Healthy Nails)

Many dip powders are formulated with natural ingredients that result in strong and healthy nails. However, these effects are more distinct in this kit compared to the rest. The nail protection formula used avails calcium and vitamin E that aid in the resultant luxuriant nail growth making them resilient and healthy. The kit contains a brush saver, activator, top gel, and base coat essential to give your nails an ostensibly thin but natural stunning appearance. Apart from being odorless, the kit contains amazingly smooth and light powder, complemented by thin liquids with perfect viscosity that prevents them from accumulating around the cuticles and sides.

KISS Salon Dip Professional Dipping System (Best Bargain)

This is a phenomenon dip powder kit offered at the lowest price. It comes with 20 white tips, manicure sticks, nail file, sponge, dip tray, dip powder, activator, and brush on gel for a perfect home DIY manicure.

Azure Beauty Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit (Best Vegan Formula)

Beauty cuddled from cruelty-free vegan products is not beauty unless if it comes from Azure Beauty; the world’s well-renowned beauty architects. Its natural formulation attracts a 2 weeks duration without chipping or cracking. The kit contains a wooden stick, cuticle oil, brush, gel polish, nail file, five gels, and powders with distinct colors. The perfection derived from using this kit is unparalleled.

There are other super-amazing dip powder kits such as the Lavender Violets Dip Powder Nail Kit which is best for French tips, the Modelones Dip Power Set for Nail Art that is best for just the powder and the Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Starter Kit known to be the best for beginners and perfect for a home DIY manicure.


The time for hard work pays is long overdue. You just need to work smart and the results will be monumental. Dip powders are not trending to compete with memes. Rather, it is true that their effect has taken the word with such a rush that the ancient acrylics and gels have been shoved into the abyss of no return. Just relax and let the soft touch of dip powder manicure arouse a new perspective of beauty as you enjoy the resultant unfathomable and divine look that will transform you from a meme queen to a beauty queen.